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Welcome to the Queen City Book Bank!
Welcome to the Queen City Book Bank!

Brayden's Books

In March, 2024, we launched the inaugural “Brave Month” in honor of the late Brayden Otten. Although Brayden was born with a congenital heart defect, he lived a fearless and brave life that was filled with positivity and kindness. During his thirteen years, Brayden touched countless people with his inspiring determination, humor, commitment to his friends, and his courage.

Brayden loved books and taught us many important and universal lessons by the way he lived his life. Since his passing in August, 2022, his family, friends, teachers, and classmates have rallied to honor Brayden’s legacy, creating the Brave Like Me Foundation and Brayden’s Books.

The Queen City Book Bank is proud to launch “Brayden’s Books” as a companion collection to the Queen City Book Bank’s curated book distribution program. This special collection of books reinforces the unique characteristics Brayden possessed such as bravery, kindness, humor, tenacity, and the lasting power of friendship.

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