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Welcome to the Queen City Book Bank!
Welcome to the Queen City Book Bank!

Rosey Reader Legacy Continues at QCBB!

In 1990, Richard & Lois Rosenthal launched the Rosey Reader program to encourage students’ literacy improvement, parent involvement, and a love of reading. This unique program provided students with developmentally appropriate books so that parents and children can have an ongoing shared reading experience. For three decades, this innovative program was incredibly impactful and was ahead of its time in recognizing and encouraging the important role books in the home plays in nurturing a love of reading.

All students in the QCBB curated program currently receive a signature book at the start of the year that sets the tone for the school year ahead. Because our youngest emerging readers benefit from additional reading encouragement, QCBB will provide the bilingual version of “The Little Engine That Could” to all kindergarten students during their second month in the program.

This classic tale, beloved by Mr. Rosenthal and generations of children, will inspire developing readers with its beautiful story about the kindness and determination of the Little Blue Engine. Providing the book in both English and Spanish enables children of both languages to share this tale with their families and classmates in their language of origin. This book includes a special sticker to recognize the multi-decade commitment of the Rosenthal Family and the Rosey Reader program.

 All children deserve the opportunity to acquire the super-skill of reading which is the gateway to all other skills. QCBB is honored to continue Rosey Reader’s extraordinary efforts to enhance reading outcomes, promote family engagement, and make literacy a community priority!

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Strong Reader Sticker.jpg__PID:9c15a762-65fa-4672-8f17-392ff7b80903
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